2019 Distinguished Alumni Nominations

/2019 Distinguished Alumni Nominations
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The Classical High School Alumni Association is looking for nominations of Classical High School alumni who embody the school’s motto of “Certare Petere Reperire Neque Cedere” (“To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield”). While there is no single measurement of eligibility, we welcome nominations of alumni whose character and accomplishments have allowed them to:

  • Achieve distinction in their profession, as recognized by peers; or
  • Reflect and recognize the importance of their education at Classical High School, demonstrate pride in their alma mater, and whose interest and loyalty are evident; or
  • Are a source a pride and inspiration to fellow Classical alumni due to their integrity, stature, talents and/or renown; or
  • Perform some valuable service to the local community or a greater community at large; or
  • Make a valuable contribution to the advancement of knowledge or the appreciation of artistic expression.

Please include links, websites, and other information to support your nomination.


To nominate a fellow alumnus, please complete this form no later than 11/1/18 for consideration.


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