Board of Directors


Curtis Odom, EdD ’90

Vice President

Susan Leach DeBlasio, Esq. ’66


Stephen Imondi ’80


Stephen E. Pascarella II, CPA ’73

Immediate Past President: 

Elaine Berlinsky Fain, M.D. ’66


Amy Waterman Andrews ’90

Jose Batista, Esq. ’06

Sergio DeSousarosa ’85

Jennifer Scorpio DiBiasio ’83
Stephen Hickey ’69
Ryan Holt, Esq. ’05
Michael Perreault ’84

Guy Pirolli ’73

Anthony Regine, DDS ’51
Shelley Woods Whiting ’87

Tim Vanech ’91

A Letter From Curtis Odom

Dear Classical High School Students and Alumni,

What began as a small group of alums trying to give back to Classical, has grown into one of the top alumni associations in Rhode Island. Hard work, and extreme generosity of many has produced an association that now has over 8,000 members worldwide. In the face of dwindling Providence School Department financial support, it is our CHSAA that helps “Keep Classical Strong”.

You, as Classical High School Alumni, have the vision, the knowledge, the passion and the commitment to help us pave our way into the future. Looking forward, you are truly our greatest asset both today and tomorrow. We cannot accomplish what we do for the school without your support and partnership.

Today’s student enrollment at Classical truly reflects the city itself. With a changing city demographic our Classical High School, despite ever changing socio-economic challenges facing many city schools, continues a tradition of academic success boasting a graduation rate of over 98%. The annual generosity of our donors has made a significant impact by contributing to the personal development of many individual students and student groups, providing funding for academic trips and group participation in statewide or nationwide competitions. In addition, we have supported the professional development of our teachers by providing funding for their tuition at seminars in areas such as Advanced Placement teaching.

To assist the Classical school administration in their continuing efforts to produce top students, our CHSAA, is proud to contribute to the well-being of students outside the classroom as well, by providing health and wellness support as needed to ensure their after school hours and time at home are healthy, productive and successful.

During the next few months, you will be hearing more about our various initiatives through our new slate of planned activities and special events. We hope that you will be able to join us in creating new memories as Classical graduates. We think that these events will prove to be fun, engaging, and worthy of both your time, and philanthropic support as we work to reconnect our alumni, and support the students of Classical.

My message to all of us is that we have reason to be proud of our CHSAA. It has positioned itself to be a great community organization. Our alumni band together to provide our school with funding, affording the students of today opportunities that may not have been available due to systematic budget cuts.

I offer my personal thanks to Principal Scott Barr, and the many Classical High School teachers. Thank you for all of your tireless hard work, dedication, and sacrifices of your personal time. It is YOU who “Keep Classical Strong.”

In closing, I offer my personal thanks to everyone who participates with CHSAA through your donations of time, money and attendance at our events. Thank you for “paying it forward” to our Alma Mater.

Classically Yours,

Dr. Curtis Odom ‘90
CHSAA Board President

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All donations will be made to the Annual Fund, unless otherwise specified.