CHSAA Volunteers!

We’re so grateful for the alumni and students who volunteer a portion of their free time to give back to CHSAA and the Classical Community. Whether it’s taking pictures, editing copy, or sharing our posts on social media, our volunteers help us spread news of happenings at the School and the Alumni Association in an accurate and engaging way. Thank you, volunteers! 

If you’re interested in volunteering at CHSAA, check out our volunteer form by clicking the button below or send us an email

The greatest gift you can give someone is your time, because when you give your time you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back

Volunteer with CHSAA

Jamiere Wilson ‘20

CHSAA Volunteers: Jamiere Wilson ‘20

Jamiere volunteers some of his time to shoot photos and videos for CHSAA. You often see his work on our social media accounts, newsletters, and website. Check out our Classical Today page to watch Jamiere’s videos!

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Mary Ann Sorrentino ‘61

CHSAA Volunteers: Mary Ann Sorrentino ‘61

Mary Ann has an extensive career in writing, editing, and publishing. Some of her volunteer work with CHSAA includes editing press releases as well as a student written article – All Classicalites Bleed Purple! – which was featured in our February 2018 newsletter.

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Barbara Veznaian ‘63

Barbara Veznaian is an experienced writer and editor. She lends some of her free time to edit CHSAA e-mails and newsletters.

George Adams ‘21

CHSAA Volunteers: George Adams ‘21

George volunteers some of his time to shoot photos for CHSAA. He has catalogued photos of the plethora of murals at Classical, many of which you can see on our social media accounts.

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Pedro Moya ‘19

Pedro has volunteered some of his time to write an article about his experiences as a Classical student and how the Classical community has fostered his growth.

Click here to read his article All Classicalites Bleed Purple!