Marilyn Romano Pellini ‘55 publishes a grief book, Dear Al, A Widow’s Struggles and Remembrances, in honor of her late husband and fellow alum, Albert Pellini ‘57.

Marilyn says the following about her book and her inspiration for writing it: 

Al was a great fisherman. In fact in 1984 he caught the second largest striped bass recorded in the world that year. So when he lost his life in a bizarrefishing accident, it was a terrible shock. When he first died, I began writing him letters because he would never take a friend along on these fishing expeditions and I was just plain angry with him. He always fished alone. This book is the compilation of some of the many letters I wrote over the last six years since his passing.

Class Notes - Marilyn Romano Pellini ‘55Class Notes - Dear Al, A Widow’s Struggles and Remembrances

A Memory From Classical

I was on the Christmas Ball committee. We were decorating the hall where the dance was to be held when I realized we did not have a dance favor. I went up to Mr. Fisher, our advisor, and reported this to him. He opened his wallet and handed me $40, and told to go into downtown Providence and see what I could find. They had something I had never seen before, nor had anyone else, —-styrofoam balls. I bought them, red sequins, common pins, a wreath that was on sale, and ribbon. I was back in no time, and everyone stopped what they were doing to stick the sequins all over the balls with the common pins. Each ball had a pipe cleaner loop on the top. To that we attached a piece of ribbon and a sprig of the holly that we cut out of the wreath. They were adorable, I must say, and everyone was thrilled to have a favor and they wore them on their wrists all evening long. Mr. Fisher was my favorite teacher after that because of his personal loan of money, which helped make our dance favors so special.