7th Annual Golden Circle Society Luncheon

//7th Annual Golden Circle Society Luncheon
7th Annual Golden Circle Society Luncheon2018-01-22T19:18:26-05:00

Thank you to all who attended the 7th Annual Golden Circle Luncheon! Also known as the ‘reunion after the reunions’, the Golden Circle Luncheon celebrates alumni who have graduated over 50 years ago. This year, the Luncheon was held at Twin Oaks Restaurant in Cranston. Alumni from the 60s, 50s, and 40s gathered for a hearty meal and reflected on their time at Classical High School.

Congratulations to the Class of ’47 for having the greatest number of alumni in attendance at the Luncheon! Each member of the Class of ’47 received a print of the original Classical High School building on Pond Street.

Until next year!

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