Keeping Classical Strong

The Alumni Association is proud to offer various programs that support our mission and help us to Keep Classical Strong.

Advance Placement (AP) Certification Tuition Program.

The Alumni Association pays the tuition for CHS teachers to obtain their certification in AP classes. This program enables us to preserve and support the tradition of excellence at the school.

In 2017, CHSAA sent five Classical teachers to St. Johnsbury University in Vermont this summer to get certified. Of the 1,185 students enrolled at the school, 555 students take AP classes. Classical currently offers 24 AP classes, more than any other high school in Rhode Island.

CHS Teachers
CHS Teachers

Teacher Grant Program.

Every September, CHS teachers apply to the Alumni Association for grants that are awarded to them in the fall. The purpose of the grants is to allocate funds that enhance the educational experience of current students at the school. Grants awarded include field trips to museums, live performances, and other out-of-the-classroom experiences not allotted for in the school city budget. Grants also help purchase much needed classroom technology and equipment.

This year 28 teachers were awarded grants affecting 700 students. Grants awarded supported field trips to Montreal, the ballet, and Boston Lyric Opera; workbooks for AP exam preparation; support to the Mock Trial team; and much more.

Music Support Program.

Through the support of the Alumni Association, the music program was brought back to CHS after budget cuts had eliminated it years ago. This program is due to the generous support of Richard Bornstein ’67.

The Richard Bornstein ’67 Music Gift allows us to provide fees for both the Jazz Ensemble and Strings. It also contributes to the school band by paying for instrument repairs and purchase, sheet music and more. There are currently 50 students involved in the Music program at the school.

CHS Teachers

Art Support Program.

This year, the Alumni Association turned its attention to the Visual Arts program at the school. The program has been underfunded for years and was in need of some assistance to support the seven classes and Art Club. We launched the Art Fund with a goal of raising $5,000 per academic year to purchase much needed art supplies and equipment. The Alumni Association used its #GivingTuesday platform exclusively to raise money for Art at CHS.

We owe a special ‘Thank You’ to the Class of 1966 who donated $1,000 from their 50th reunion to the fund. This program is just getting off the ground and will continue to be a part of how we Keep Classical Strong. There are currently 250 CHS art students of the 1185 total enrollment. Rhode Island School of Design accepted only six Rhode Island students to the 2017 incoming freshman class; four of them were from Classical.

Athletic Department Support Program.

CHSAA proudly supports the Athletic Department’s needs at CHS. Through our Athletic Hall of Fame and annual Golf Tournament, we are able to provide funding to the department so that our teams can compete with pride.

Classical has more teams on the field than any other public high school inProvidence. This year we sponsored the fees for boys LaCrosse to make it an interscholastic sport at the school. We honored the boys Baseball team in their long awaited Championship win. Our support also provided for equipment, uniforms, and other necessary items to keep our teams competitive and safe.

Football - Photo by Jamiere Wilson '20

The Story of the Class of 1987

A great effort is required to rally people together and inspire them to contribute and the Class of ‘87 has done both. On Saturday, August 5th 2017, the Class of ‘87 celebrated their 30th reunion in Providence, RI. The Class of ‘87 used its reunion as a platform to give back to the school.

Marc Lavine initiated the charitable project, along with Robin Goldstein Jones and their reunion organizer, Patty Buchanan, after learning that 68% of the current student population lives at or below the poverty level. Robin wrote an appeal letter to her class that was posted to a closed Facebook group dedicated to their 30th reunion. Utilizing the Facebook group and word of mouth, the Class of ‘87 successfully raised $3,120 in cash to be disbursed in food and clothing gift cards, brought in 45 new backpacks, and an additional $205 in gift cards.

The Class of ‘87 serves as an inspiration to alumni and as a testament to the true character of Classicalites. “I’d like everyone reading this to know that the students at Classical are a special bunch and that at one point we were that special bunch and someone helped us. Now it’s our turn to help this group of Classical students be their best. This is their chance. Our job as alumni is to let people know what’s out there waiting for them and encourage them to keep going. If you need a little help along the way, that’s okay. When you’re 27 and you’re out in the work force for 5 years, just remember it and pay it forward.” – Marc Lavine.

Thank you, Class of ‘87, for giving back to the school that gave so much to us.

Food & Clothing Program.

For years, the Alumni Association has been giving $1,000 worth of grocery gift cards to the school at Thanksgiving to ensure every family has a holiday meal. In 2017, upon learning that 68% of Classical students live at or below the poverty level, we expanded this effort to include gift cards to Burlington Coat Factory for coats and winter wear.

At the end of 2017, 38 Classical families were supported through our Food and Clothing gift card program. Committee members donate nonperishable food items at each meeting for the school’s small food pantry. More families will be impacted by the end of the school year in June 2018. We owe a special Thank You to the Class of 1987 who fully funded this program in 2017. Read their story below.