Jevonya Allen

Class of ’97 - Executive Director

Jevonya was born in Philadelphia, PA. When she was 3 years old, her parents moved to Providence to give her and her older brother what they deemed “a better life.” She was enrolled in the HeadStart Program, attended Sackett Street Elementary School, Roger Williams Middle School and then our beloved Classical High School. Initially, she did not want to attend Classical. She did not think that she was going to pass the test. Her desire was to attend Mount Pleasant’s Teachers Academy. Lo and behold, she passed Classical’s entrance exam and she was also accepted to the Teachers Academy. Her parents left the decision up to her. Two of her closest childhood friends were both going to Classical and this weighed heavily on her decision. Ultimately, Jevonya made her choice and she and her friends entered Classical together in September 1993.

Sadly, in 10th grade, both of her friends made decisions that impacted many lives.  One decided to drop out and the other committed suicide. Their decisions forever changed the trajectory of Jevonya’s life.  Jevonya states that her “high school tenure was quite traumatic but I was able to make it through.”

Post Classical, Jevonya attended the Talent Development program at URI where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and then she enrolled in an online program with the University of Phoenix where she received her Master’s Degree in Education with a specialization in Early Childhood.

Jevonya has had the privilege of being a foster parent and has subsequently adopted three amazing young men. She is an Independent Sales Associate for LegalShield/IDShield and in 2017, Jevonya created her own company, Twisted Networking.  Jevonya currently reside in the Mount Pleasant section of Providence with two of her sons.