Michelle Gordon Noon

Class of ’88 Treasurer

Michelle Gordon Noon, ‘88 is the Treasurer of CHSAA. She provides the Board with a solid financial foundation and supports the financial viability of the Association. Michelle had the unique experience of attending Classical at the same time her mother, Mrs. Gordon, taught English in Room 248. On the positive side, Michelle always had a ride to school. On the negative side, she could never cut class, although an occasional trip to Continental’s for french fries was not outside the realm of possibility.  Despite the higher level of scrutiny, Michelle never considered attending any other high school and is proud to be a member of the Class of 1988.   She credits Classical with providing a strong educational foundation and instilling the study habits that enabled her to achieve success academically and professionally. She is also proud of the diversity of the students at Classical, recalling that every neighborhood in Providence was represented during her time there. Her fondest memories of Classical include watching the boys’ basketball team’s incredible triple overtime win over rival La Salle to win the state title her freshman year, homecoming dances, and spending time with friends, many of whom are still close to this day.

Michelle received her B.A. in Economics from Rhode Island College and her M.B.A. from the University of Rhode Island. Michelle is a licensed FINRA Series 28 Financial Operations Principal. She has over twenty years of experience in Accounting and Business Management in varied industries ranging from banking to corporate retail to seafood exporting and wholesaling to financial services. She lives with her husband of over twenty years and their two children.  Michelle enjoys gardening and volunteers in her parish garden. She also enjoys reading, traveling, spending time at the beach, and attending music concerts, especially Duran Duran, her favorite band in high school and now.