Purpose: The Public Relations (PR) Committee assists the professional staff of CHSAA in the development of strategic marketing, communications plans, and public relations programs. Members of the PR committee are ambassadors of the brand and message and utilize their networks to create awareness.

What We’re Looking For: The ideal PR Committee candidate is an alum and/or stakeholder with professional and personal networks they’re willing to leverage. Members of this committee should have a strong social media presence that they can tap into to share CHSAA updates and events in order to reach as many alumni, students, and community members as possible. PR Committee members have strong relationships within the community and are actively engaged in connecting the Association to appropriate professionals for various functions such as corporate sponsors, in-kind donations, venues, vendors, etc.

What You’ll Be Doing: As information ambassadors, PR committee members share and engage with CHSAA posts by commenting and/or liking. They use their “30 second elevator” speech at professional functions to bring awareness to the issues facing the Association and to highlight its good works.